Matt recorded this version of “I Want You Back” in March.

"What’s the best song ever?"

“‘I Want You Back’ by the Jackson 5.”


We just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday, Sept. 6, marks the release date for the live album that the Big Ideas recorded last summer at the Banana Stand in southeast Portland. Check out the link to stream the album online or to download it on a pay-what-you-want basis.The Big Ideas - Live From the Banana Stand

We’re really proud of the finished product and would love it if you shared the link with your friends/family and downloaded a copy if you feel so moved.

My return to the Pacific Northwest is imminent, so check back soon for news on upcoming shows, opportunities to buy a physical copy of the album, and some cool songs/demos that have been gestating. Huzzah!


The Big Ideas blend exuberance, insouciance, and a mess of instruments to form charming folk-based pop. Formed in Portland, Ore., in 2008, the band has gradually established itself in the Portland music scene while appearing regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Known for their vocal harmonies and memorable melodies, The Big Ideas’ live shows have a casual, familiar feel, with each of the five members taking turns playing several instruments and handling both lead and backing vocals.

"Mixed with a complete lack of pretension or attitude about their music, the band has become a whimsical, infectious folk set worth getting serious about."